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Should You Consume Dairy Products

    If you’ve ever felt clogged up or had a grumbling stomach after eating dairy products, you may be wondering if milk, cheese, cream, and the like are for you. You might think you can get away with it from time to time, but what are the real consequences if you’re actually lactose intolerant? Do you have to give up on eating dairy products forever, or are some dairy products better than others? Dairy…

Roast Chicken
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Back to Ketovore After 15 Months Plant-Based

Back To Ketovore I didn’t make this decision lightly. On February 22nd, 2021, after a lot of research and internal debate, I decided to adopt a fully low-fat, plant-based diet. I made the decision for several reasons, not the least of which was to lose weight. Over the course of Covid I had put on 20 additional pounds. This was on top of the pre-existing 30 or so I needed to lose in order to…

Low Carb Pasta Battle
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Review of High Falutin’ Low Carb’s Low-Carb Pasta Battle Video

WOW! This low-carb pasta review video is SO COOL! I absolutely have to share it with my daughter, Rachel, who is actively following a Keto diet! Honestly, I have never tried any low-carb noodle substitutes. I always just opt for either zucchini noodles, or I’ll use some egg version. For instance for lasagne I just make egg crepes and use those like I would lasagne noodles in my bake. For spaghetti-type pasta, I always just…

Homemade Keto Nutella and Berry Parfait
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Homemade Keto Nutella and Berry Parfait

Oh. My. Gosh! This recipe for Homemade Keto Nutella looks amazing! And so easy to make! You can BET I’m going to be whipping up this recipe asap! I’ll definitely write up a post of my experience and thoughts on how it turns out for you when I get this made. But for now, just watching this brilliant video by one of my favorite YouTubers, Heavenly Fan, makes my mouth water! I kind of think…

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Where to Get Fiber on a Keto Diet?

Many health and fitness enthusiasts, as well as those trying to drop a few pounds, have adopted the keto diet. But an eating plan that requires 80% of daily calories come from fat begs the question: Keto – where to get fiber? And it’s a valid concern. I’ve tried both animal-based and plant-based versions of the diet and when carbohydrates, or plant foods, are restricted in an eating plan, getting sufficient fiber can be a…

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Plant-Based Keto – Is It Possible? Is It Healthy?

Plant-Based Keto sounds like a crazy idea, when you first consider it. Right? I mean, isn’t one of the biggest attractions to a keto diet the fact that you can eat all that meat, poultry, fish, and eggs with abandon? Oh, and cheese. Omg…the cheese! Well, maybe. If that kind of food makes you feel good. And I’m talking physically here. I’m primarily about health. But animal cruelty IS something to think about. Let’s talk…

Review of The Good Chocolate
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The Good Chocolate – Product Review

We decided to do this video review of The Good Chocolate because I’m an affiliate for the company. I recently received a sampling of their products, so I invited my daughter, Rachel, to join me for another video product review. THIS REALLY IS GOOD CHOCOLATE! Not only do Ben and Miki, owners of the company, care about the taste of their product, they are also “committed to using the simplest ingredients found in Nature and…

Perfect Keto Bars Review Cover
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Perfect Keto Bars – Video Review

TASTE TESTING PERFECT KETO BARS My daughter, Rachel, who is following a Keto diet, joins me to sample and review five flavors of the Perfect Keto Bars. Flavors we sampled were: Salted Caramel Lemon Poppy Seed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cinnamon Roll and Almond Butter Brownie. Since the date of this recording, on September 10, 2019, Perfect Keto has added three more flavors we would love to sample for you! Those flavors are: Banana Bread…

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth and Soup Review
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Throw Back Thursday: My Kettle & Fire Bone Broth and Keto Soup Review

Throw Back Thursday – Bone Broth from Kettle & Fire. Delicious, Nutritious, Organic, Affordable. I originally posted this video review in September of 2019 before the whole Covid thing erupted. This is still the most popular video on my YouTube channel, so I thought it would be fun to re-publish for today’s Throw Back Thursday post. I hope you enjoy it! My daughter, Rachel, who is following a Keto Diet but has never tried bone…

Best Keto Beef Empanadas Recipe
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Review of High Falutin’ Low Carb’s Low Carb Beef Empanada Battle Video

A Low Carb Empanada? Ok, you guys! I can’t tell you exactly why, but this beef empanada video is the first recipe battle Wes has done where his reaction made me visit both creator’s websites to grab their recipes! Not only do I think these look mouthwatering, but I know Jeff would love them, too! And that’s a huge WIN for me! Whenever I can make a meal that we can both enjoy? That’s awesome!…

Dot2Trots St. Patrick's Shamrock Eggs, Cabbage, & Smoked Chorizo
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Top 10 Keto-Friendly Saint Patrick’s Day Recipes

Saint Patrick’s Day is just 48-hours away and I have an awesome looking selection of keto-friendly GREEN recipes for you to try! We all know that this particular holiday seems to be primarily about the alcohol, lol! So, I’ll include some fun libation options, too. But I scoured the web for some of (what I feel are) the best Irish-style recipes you can enjoy while sticking to your ketogenic lifestyle. BREAKFAST Number 1. Start your…

Tracy Eating Omega Bun Breakfast Sandwich
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Taste Test Review of Daily Bread’s Omega Buns

Buns? On A Low-Carb, Ketogenic Diet? But I thought buns were made of wheat. And wheat is a big No-No on keto, right? Because flour = carbs and all that. Am I mistaken? No, if you asked yourself these questions about typical buns, you would not be wrong. But these Omega Buns I received from Daily Bread LLC are not your run-of-the-mill bread product! And I have to tell you, I’m impressed! Not only was…

Bill Gates - Rich nations should shift entirely to synthetic beef
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Bill Gates Thinks We Should All Eat Fake Meat

Fake Meat. It’s What’s For Dinner At least if Bill Gates has anything to say about it. In this recent article, authored by James Temple, contributor at MIT Technology Review, we learn that the Microsoft co-founder has written a new book titled, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” According to Temple, this book outlines Gates’ plan for “the tech breakthroughs and sweeping policies we’ll need to take on global warming.” (Global warming is an entirely separate…

High Falutin Low Carb's Low Carb French Fries
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Review of Highfalutin’ Low Carb’s French Fries Video

FRENCH FRIES?? On a keto diet? This is the perfect video to watch for Friday evening munchies! I was totally captivated when I saw this recent post for Low Carb French Fries by Wes at Highfalutin’ Low Carb! How is it possible to make French Fries when potatoes aren’t allowed on a keto diet? They are one of the primary foods we all miss the most when eating low-carb, right? So, what’s the secret here?…

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Keto Beer: Top 7 Craft Beers to Enjoy

KETO BEER? Wouldn’t it be great if you could indulge in a beer without having to worry about additional carbs? Well, it’s possible when you drink low-carb craft beers created for the ketogenic diet. Is there a brew ideal for the keto diet, or does it only exist in your dreams? It’s a thought-provoking question you secretly dread but must face if you want to stay in ketosis. What Craft Beer is Low Carb? The good…