Best Looking Keto Pizza Recipe

Best Looking Keto Pizza Recipe

Ok, I admit it…I have not tried making this keto pizza recipe myself…yet. That will come in a future video where I plan to compare several low-carb pizza recipes to vote for my favorite.

However, I have a lot of experience with keto recipes and I will say that, based on that experience, and watching Chef Buck’s video here, I think this recipe for keto pizza looks like it has much more potential than most keto pizza recipes I’ve seen.

What I Love About This Recipe

The first thing I love about his recipe is that the ingredients are very simple and whole-food based. And there are no added ingredients like specialty flours (almond, coconut, flax, psyllium husk, etc.) which add complexity and potential carbs that are eliminated with his recipe here.

There IS a significant amount of cheese…so, if you are lactose-intolerant (as I am) then you will want to steer away from this (or most other) keto pizza recipe. But…it’s PIZZA! So, I’m giving him a pass on that aspect of the recipe.

One tip I would recommend that will change up his recipe and make it quicker and easier to create…and which I will be using myself when I compare keto pizza recipes…will be using a food processor fitted with a shredding plate instead of hand-grating the cauliflower.

I do love that he dries the shredded raw cauliflower by sauteing in a frying pan on the stove-top in this recipe rather than steam-cooking it, then squeezing it in a dish towel, to remove the excess moisture. Brillant!

The End Result?

This looks like one of the best low-carb/keto pizza recipes I have seen on the internet!

I will definitely be making this recipe myself and will share my own experience with you in a future post. In the meantime, if you try this recipe then please share your opinions below!

And if you have another keto pizza recipe you prefer, please share that below, too! I would love to try your favorites and compare it to this recipe by Chef Buck.

Until next time…

Here’s to your health!


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