Keto Coffee – My Favorite Way to Start the Day

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I’m on a 30-Day Weight-Loss Challenge. I’ll write another post about that in a bit here…

But for now, I just wanted to mention that part of my program involves Intermittent Fasting (IF)…of a sort.

I know…I KNOW!!! I never wanted to dive into fasting, either. It sounds horrific! Such deprivation! Ugh!

But it’s really not as bad as it sounds…

What that means for me is that I don’t eat any actual FOOD until my evening meal. Some people call that OMAD (One Meal A Day).

But I DO allow myself a few calories throughout the day in the form of Healthy Fats. And I incorporate those fats into my morning coffee.

For a long time the only way I did this was to whip up what they call Bullet Proof Coffee, or Butter Coffee. Which sounds pretty weird when you think about it.

Butter in coffee? No cream? How bizarre!

Initially I just put a tablespoon of grass-fed butter (a strange description if you don’t know what it is…more about that in my upcoming post about Healthy Fats) but what that really means is just putting a lump of butter into your coffee instead of heavy cream or any other form of creamer.

Yaaaa…that wasn’t so pleasant.

The butter melts…and then just floats on top of your coffee.

Kind of gross, in my opinion.

But THEN I learned about the magical TECHNIQUE that totally changed my morning coffee experience!

You have to BLEND IT!!! OMG. I’m not kidding. That makes a HUGE difference!

So, here’s my typical recipe for Butter Coffee:

  • 2 cups fresh brewed, black coffee – decaf or regular – your preference
  • 1 Tablespoon Kerry Gold (or other quality brand) (grass-fed) butter. You can use regular butter…but honestly, grass-fed DOES make a huge difference in the taste. DON’T use margarine!!!
  • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil or MCT oil (optional)
  • Pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt

Combine in a high-speed or regular blender for a few seconds until fully incorporated and a nice, thick foam forms on the top. Pour into your mug and ENJOY!

Another option is just to add a tablespoon of heavy cream to your coffee.

But then I found out about these handy Keto Coffee PACKETS and fell in love!

Ok, they are not the same Butter Coffee experience I describe above, but they are SUPER CONVENIENT! I can toss these into my purse and I have a little portable gem that allows me to have a hot, delicious cup of Joe anytime, anywhere. AND…they provide me with the extra ketones I want to help keep me in ketosis and burning fat all day long. The packet does NOT include anything for creaminess…so, you’re still going to want to add that, in addition to the instant coffee. But they do have a nice little bit of stevia for natural sweetener, which is nice.

Personally, I just add it to my brewed coffee (though that’s not necessary) an…

It just amps up my ketones for the day.

Whichever approach I take, I almost always start my day with some form of fat-in-coffee. That sustains me all day long until late afternoon (ok, I generally also drink a decaffeinated diet soda in the afternoons, which takes the edge off of my hunger until dinner time) and it’s a great way to feel satisfied so that I can fully enjoy my keto meal in the evening.

*Here’s another great resource for information about 16 Delicious Bulletproof Coffee Recipes You Need To Try Now by my friend Arun Grewal at Coffee Brewing Pro dot com.

What’s your favorite morning keto beverage? I’d love to hear your recipes, too!

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