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Muscle Cramps and Other Strange Symptoms on a Keto/Carnivore Diet

* At minute 10:08 where I say the insomnia hasn’t happened since I’m eating primarily plant-based…I meant to say ANIMAL BASED.* Tracy reads another journal entry from last year when she experienced some negative symptoms following a ketovore diet and how that choice caused her to shift to, first, a […]

Should You Eat Dairy On A Carnivore Diet? Gaining 3.5 Pounds Overnight

Tracy talks about her experience adding dairy products to her carnivore diet and how that choice negatively impacted her weight loss progress in just one day. Reviewing more diet journal entries revealing surprising symptoms from past attempts following a carnivore Way Of Eating.

Carnivore vs. Low-Fat Plant Based. Pros and Cons.

This is the first video from my closet-office “cloffice” documenting my carnivore way of eating versus following a low-fat plant-based approach. The pros and cons of each and why I’m choosing to stick with a mainly meat-based approach. I’m using this channel as a way to hold myself accountable and […]

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