Keto In Sweden – Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt and Dr. Eric Berg Video Interview

Drs. Eric Berg and Andreas Eenfeldt

Keto In Sweden – A Conversation

Dr. Eric Berg of Dr. Berg dot com interviews Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt of Diet Doctor dot com, the largest low-carb website in the world. Together they discuss the status of keto in Sweden, where Dr. Eenfeldt is from.

They also talk about outdated beliefs that saturated fat contributes to heart disease and hardening of the arteries.

Dr. Berg also shares his experience participating in a recent webinar where over 400 food manufacturers were in attendance. He mentions the fact that so many food manufacturers are jumping on the low-carb band wagon, creating new products to serve this rapidly growing segment of our society.

They discuss what is being taught (or not taught!) in medical schools, and how it goes against the science, which shows that reducing carbs can normalize blood sugar, helping people to reverse and prevent diseases like diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity and other chronic illnesses.

Drs. Berg and Eenfeldt explore the fact that many more doctors are getting on board with the keto diet approach because of all the evidence supporting the effectiveness of the keto diet and lifestyle.

Does the government recommend the keto diet in Sweden?

Dr. Eenfeldt clears up any misunderstanding or misinformation about what the current governmental recommendations actually are. As a Swede by ancestry on my mother’s side (my maternal grandmother was born in Stockholm) I’m especially interested in this topic.

The doctors go on to discuss whether high protein should be a concern when following a low-carb diet and whether people need to limit protein consumption or not. If so, who and why. What are the studies saying on this topic?

The doctors also touch on the topic of insulin resistance and many other relevant issues surrounding eating low-carb.

Lots of really great information and commentary for anyone interested in the ketogenic diet.

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