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Wine For De-Stressing: Is It Keto Friendly?

WINE IS ESSENTIAL Am I right? These are crazy, scary times. And for some of us, when we feel stressed, a little something alcoholic can help take the edge off a bit. Hell, it’s something we can do in the privacy of our own homes, so why not? But if you’re trying to stay true to your keto diet, then you’ve probably wondered if drinking alcohol will throw you out of ketosis. Well, the truth…

Zero Carb Food List
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Best Zero-Carb Food List for a Keto Diet

If you’re looking for a concise list of zero-carb foods to keep you in ketosis on the keto diet, you don’t need to look any further! This video is short and to the point! Go ahead and watch, then follow the links to more offering lots of great recommendations! I loved how detailed and information-packed this video was, with a pretty comprehensive list of zero-carb foods. But I wanted to provide it for you, in writing,…

Keto Chocolate Whipped Cream Mousse
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Keto Secret Weapon Number 3 – Chocolate Whipped Cream

This simple recipe for chocolate whipped cream saved my life (well, not literally…but kinda!) the first time I followed a low-carb diet! It was W-A-Y back in 1982 when I was only 20 years old. My husband (at the time) was in the U.S. Army and had just been deployed to Germany. Our two-year-old son and I had not been approved for an accompanied tour (yet) so, we moved ‘back home’ to Utah while we…

Fasting Effects on the Immune System
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Strengthen Your Immune System with Intermittent Fasting

I love Thomas DeLauer’s tips in this video for strengthening our immune system! He has achieved amazing results in his body by following and applying, primarily, the precepts of a ketogenic diet. So I feel like I can trust what he says. He is also a big fan of utilizing IF (Intermittent Fasting) to achieve fat burning and his results speak for themselves. I mean, just look at those abs! The other thing I love…

Best Looking Keto Pizza Recipe
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Best Looking Keto Pizza Recipe

Ok, I admit it…I have not tried making this keto pizza recipe myself…yet. That will come in a future video where I plan to compare several low-carb pizza recipes to vote for my favorite. However, I have a lot of experience with keto recipes and I will say that, based on that experience, and watching Chef Buck’s video here, I think this recipe for keto pizza looks like it has much more potential than most…

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Our Favorite New Treat: The Chaffle

I think it was a video post in my feed on Facebook that first introduced me to the whole Chaffle phenomenon…though I don’t recall who the poster was. And I was so captivated by the idea that I immediately logged onto my Amazon account and searched for the Dash Mini Waffle Maker so that I could try making these low-carb waffles myself. Wow! What a revelation! These little puppies have become my new, favorite, go-to…

Low-Carb Chili Cook-Off
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Keto Chili Cook-Off with Highfalutin’ Low Carb

  These Low-Carb Chili Recipes Look Mouth-Watering! Keto chili comparison from Highfalutin’ Low Carb! I just love Wes’s channel! He has such a great personality! And what an awesome concept to find some of the best low-carb recipes on the internet and then test them out against one another to discover which is best. As a keto/low-carb enthusiast, I really appreciate his dedication to following the recipes so that they turn out as close as…

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Pumpkin Recipes! Tis The Season

It’s officially fall, which means it’s definitely the season for pumpkin recipes! The good news is that any pumpkin dessert can be keto-fied. Woot! So grab a (keto) Pumpkin Spice Mocha and let’s get cooking! Here’s a great autumn pumpkin recipe to kick off the weekends! Salted Caramel Pumpkin Spice Pancakes – Lazy fall weekend mornings have never been tastier! These gluten-free pancakes are fluffy and flavorful, thanks to Salted Caramel Keto Collagen. Weekend Baking…

Swedish Meatballs
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Embracing My Swedish Heritage

My Swedish Ancestry Is Calling To Me It definitely feels like Fall in Forest Grove, Oregon. The cooler weather makes me think about my Scandinavian ancestry. I’m Swedish on my mother’s side. Her mom, my grandmother, emigrated to the United States with her family in 1903.  Their home was in Stockholm. She passed away when my mom was only 15 years old, so I never got to meet her. But I heard lots of stories…

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth and Soup Review
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Bone Broth and Keto Soup by Kettle and Fire – Review

Bone Broth from Kettle & Fire. Delicious, Nutritious, Organic, Affordable. My daughter, Rachel, who is following a Keto Diet but has never tried bone broth before, joins me to review 6 varieties by Kettle & Fire. Flavors we sampled include: BONE BROTH Beef – Marrow Bones From Pasture-Raised, 100% Grass-fed & Finished Cattle. Kettle & Fire’s Beef Broth contains collagen, a protein many say they haven’t been getting enough of from other foods. Their bone…

Is Keto Safe For Kids - Dr. Ken Berry
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Keto For Kids – Is It Healthy? Is It Safe?

 Keto For Kids – is it a good idea? Or the worst dietary recommendation ever? According to THIS ARTICLE AT CHILDREN’S HEALTH DOT COM “Melissa Fossier, a registered dietitian at Children’s Health℠, does NOT recommend the keto diet for children and teens – unless it’s used only for specific medical reasons.” The article goes on, calling the ketogenic way of eating a “fad” diet. Where children, specifically, are concerned, Melissa says that; “The keto…

Intermittent Fasting
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Intermittent Fasting and Keto

Intermittent Fasting and Keto  Intermittent fasting is such an important topic…especially for women. And more especially, for women who have gone through menopause or are experiencing any kind of hormonal imbalance. Speaking from a very personal perspective – I completely relate to what Cynthia Thurlow says in this video about the weight-loss challenge for ladies after they reach their late 40’s and beyond. As many of you may know, I have really been struggling…

PK Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookies
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Keto Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

If chocolate chip cookies are delicious, and cookie dough is delicious — why not combine the two for a decadent treat? If your sweet tooth is off the charts and you’re looking for a cookie recipe that’s both crunchy, soft, and tastes just like cookie dough, you’re in the right place. But your days of guiltily sneaking bites of cookie dough are over. This recipe is low-carb, keto, and contains chunks of Perfect Keto Chocolate…

Easy Keto Chocolate Mousse
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Easy Keto Chocolate Mousse

It’s time to indulge in a creamy, velvety, and rich dessert. But don’t worry, you won’t have to feel guilty after trying this recipe. In fact, your taste buds will love you! This Easy Keto Chocolate Mousse is another delicious way to get your ketones. Not to mention, you’ll also get more healthy fats and nutrients compared to traditional mousse recipes. (*Pssst – You’re going to be SHOCKED by some of the ingredients! Shocked, I…

Kettle and Fire Beef Bone Broth
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Bone Broth

Bones might not be the first ingredient you think of when wanting to make a pot of soup. Though you might have heard about bone broth lately, since it’s been making the headlines with lots of health experts recommending it to folks following a ketogenic diet and lifestyle. But do you actually KNOW why it’s getting such rave reviews? Because it’s kind of a Go-To cure-all for a ton of different health conditions! Ok, ok…I…