Taste Test Review of Daily Bread’s Omega Buns

Tracy Eating Omega Bun Breakfast Sandwich

Buns? On A Low-Carb, Ketogenic Diet?

Tracy Eating Omega Bun
Tracy Eating Omega Bun – ignore my terrible nails!

But I thought buns were made of wheat. And wheat is a big No-No on keto, right? Because flour = carbs and all that. Am I mistaken?

No, if you asked yourself these questions about typical buns, you would not be wrong.

But these Omega Buns I received from Daily Bread LLC are not your run-of-the-mill bread product! And I have to tell you, I’m impressed! Not only was their packaging impeccable…the buns arrived inside a thermal bag, with two ice packs (in the middle of winter, no less), lovingly cradled in a roomy cardboard box. I’m not biased or anything, but I just have to say that you can tell this is a woman-run small business!

The first thing I noticed, after slicing open the box, was the thoughtful insert card, from the mother & daughter team, Elizabeth and Carmen, printed on both sides.

But the Next Thing I Noticed Was How Soft These Buns Were!

As soon as I pulled the two bags out of their thermal envelope (THANK YOU for your generosity, Ladies!) I immediately squeezed the buns, LOL! And I was surprised by how cloud-soft they were!

As a Keto Enthusiast, myself, I have tried my fair share of microwave muffin recipes (though I admit I’ve never attempted oven-baking low-carb goods). All of my own creations have been tasty, but very dense and firm in texture. So, the fluffy nature of these buns kind of took my breath away! Oh. My. Gosh! These little nuggets actually FEEL like the real deal!

I Decided My First Taste Should Be As A Breakfast Sandwich

I’m a big bread lover! And for that reason, I’ve been staying away from all baked goods for some time now. Frankly, they are an addiction food for me. At least the wheat-flour versions are. So, I mainly stick with meat, high-fat veggies like olives and avocados (yeah, I know they are technically a fruit…but get real!), some low-carb vegetables like mushrooms and zucchini squash, the occasional green salad, a little high-fat dairy, dark chocolate, coffee, and red wine. That’s pretty much my diet.

It Felt Like I Was Cheating!

When I took these buns out of the package and actually handled them, well, if I didn’t know better, I would think these were made of wheat. I decided to have one of each kind; original and sesame seed. At just 1 net carb PER BUN I figured I could afford to splurge, lol!

So, I popped them into the toaster – I love toast! I thought I wanted to slather them with butter and eat one, as is. But I changed my mind, deciding to make them into little McMuffins, instead.

Bottom Line Is This

For someone who is a burger-lover, missing their buns, these Omega Buns from Daily Bread LLC won’t disappoint! Not only do they taste delicious, with an incredibly affordable 1 net carb per entire bun, the nutrition and ingredients are top notch!

Omega Bun Nutrition Label

At $34.00 for 16 buns (variety pack of different seed toppings) plus flat-rate shipping of $9.95 the total comes to $43.95. Divide that by 16 buns and it comes out to $2.75 per bun, delivered to your doorstep. But WOW! If you choose the Subscribe & Save option…you get 24 buns automatically delivered to your door each month with FREE SHIPPING! The total for that purchase is $46.00, which brings your cost WAY DOWN to a very affordable $1.92 per bun! That’s such a great savings! *There is a one-time $4.00 sign-up fee.

I Also Received Two Of Their Dry Mixes

But I haven’t used those, yet. I will save them for another post!

In the meantime, I recommend you head over to LIKE them on social:

Instagram: @OmegaBun

Facebook: @theOmegaBun

And CLICK HERE TO SAVE 10% on any non-subscription purchase! Use my affiliate code: hip2keto at checkout. Then let me know what you think! I know you’re going to love Omega Buns just as much as I do!

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Until next time…

I bid you good health!


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