Review of Highfalutin’ Low Carb’s French Fries Video

High Falutin Low Carb's Low Carb French Fries

FRENCH FRIES?? On a keto diet?

This is the perfect video to watch for Friday evening munchies! I was totally captivated when I saw this recent post for Low Carb French Fries by Wes at Highfalutin’ Low Carb! How is it possible to make French Fries when potatoes aren’t allowed on a keto diet?

French Fries

They are one of the primary foods we all miss the most when eating low-carb, right? So, what’s the secret here?

I was all ears!

The answer looks amazingly simple. This recipe takes just three (3) ingredients that most people on a keto diet already have in their kitchens!  I confess, I haven’t tried making these fries yet, but you can bet I’m going to!

Basically, they are more like bread sticks than french fries…because they are made out of a dough you make from either almond flour or coconut flour. So, no vegies in there.


But the idea is pretty genius!

Wes got his inspiration from another low-carber I follow on YouTube: Heavenly Fan. HERE’S A LINK to her original video, if you want to watch that. I noticed that in her video, she didn’t use parchment paper to roll out, as Wes did in his video, and I’m thinking that’s why he had the difficulty with the dough sticking, when she didn’t. So, when I make these, I’m going to use the non-stick rolling surface instead of parchment paper.

Anyhow, these look incredible and I’m super excited to try them out! Please do let me know if you make them, too! And if so, comment below with your experience and opinion!

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Until next time…

Happy Snacking!

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