The Good Chocolate – Product Review

Review of The Good Chocolate

We decided to do this video review of The Good Chocolate because I’m an affiliate for the company. I recently received a sampling of their products, so I invited my daughter, Rachel, to join me for another video product review.


Not only do Ben and Miki, owners of the company, care about the taste of their product, they are also “committed to using the simplest ingredients found in Nature and sourcing only 100% organic ingredients to make the best & lowest calorie bean-to-bar chocolate.” Listen to their story HERE.

Their website proudly states that their product is:

  • Sugar-free
  • Very low net-carb
  • Lowest calorie chocolate
  • Vegan (excluding Dark Mylk)
  • Soy-free
  • Metabolism-friendly
  • Low glycemic index
  • Doesn’t promote tooth decay.

Our Review Flavors Include:

Signature Dark – a reliably delicious, subtly-sweet 65% dark chocolate.
55% Vegan Mylk – a little sweeter, with a creamier mouth-feel than the Signature Dark.
Salted Almond – not much of a salty-taste – but with a great distribution of small almond nuggets throughout.
Himalayan Salt – surprisingly, this was our favorite flavor for an everyday chocolate eating experience!
Dark Mint – nice, natural peppermint flavor mingling with the 65% dark chocolate. Yum!
65% Dark Ginger – we were both a little mind-blown by the delicate ginger-infused flavor of this one!
The Detox Bar Coconut & Turmeric – is astonishingly delicious with delightful notes of toasted coconut. We barely detected the turmeric.

Our Ranking

Rachel and I both give this company a strong 5-Stars, A+, Thumbs High Up score for the yummiest sugar-free chocolate we’ve tasted yet! You are definitely going to want to try some yourself!

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