Keto Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Happy Monday, My Keto Friends! Here is a yummy looking recipe!

Hubby was looking over my shoulder as I was reviewing this and said “Looks like sh*t on a shingle.”

And when I told him they are making biscuits and gravy he was like “biscuits and gravy isn’t keto” and I said, “This version is…they’re using keto ingredients.” and he responded “there’s no grain in those?” and I said “Nope. Almond flour” and he was like, “Wow. I’d try those!”

So, you have to know…that’s pretty awesome that he said that!

These look great!

I’m going to have to cook some up and let you know what we think!

You let me know if you try them, too, will you please?

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